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Rewiring Your Head For Success


Subconscious Success

Audio Programming

The Ambitious Mind Network Studio.

Rewiring Your Head For Success.

The Ambitious Mind Network Studio's focused driven mission is to create, produce and distribute, empowering, inspiring, educational & motivational mind altering content especially for those having a strong desire and determination to succeed in life.


Our content is rich in the mind transforming mental technology we call, Subconscious Success Audio Programming.  Our CDs featuring S.S.A.P. were the first of our popular and highly effective products, that placed our Brand in the lives of thousands; People like YOU who are AMBITIOUS but realize in order to achieve their high minded aspirations they must DEVELOP THE MINDSET of a winner and the discipline of a champion. 

Other productions, (videos, films) are also designed to inspire and motivate the minds of those who are AMBITIOUS for the better things in life.

Train Your Mind For Success NOW. 

From The Ambitious Mind Network Studio.

" How To Get Everything You Want In Life With S.S.A.P."

"Man, I didn't buy these just to listen to music."



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Although we are new to YouTube we are not new to the message of MIND POWER found in our videos. Already our mailbox tells us we are on the right track because so many have reached out to share with us how our videos are helping them stay focused and motivated as they reach for their goals. We are already being dubbed “the Black & White” channel because of the production of our videos which are produced mostly with a Black & White theme. Visit our channel, subscribe and let us keep you motivated in bringing forth the creations of your Ambitious Mind.

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The Woman In The Game!

I Am The Thinker That Thinks The Thought

That Creates The Thing.

Women-owned businesses with revenues over $1 million increased 46 percent compared to 12 percent for all U.S. businesses in the last decade--an impressive feat were it not for the fact that these businesses make up only 1.7 percent of all women-owned firms.

So, the above fact is an indication that this is the best time to be a woman in business especially if you’ve develop the mindset that Subconscious Success Audio Programming awakens in you, that gives you the competitive edge.  


The SSAP CD,  “The Dynamic High Achieving Woman” (Creating Her Own Reality) will help you make massive shifts in consciousness, motivating you and inspiring you to go after and achieve every dream you have ever had!

It’s Life-Changing



Ambitious Mind network


For over a decade now thousands of people have affirmed, declared and swore that these powerful CDs and their messages have turned their lives around by arresting their negative thinking patterns and helping them rid themselves of the limiting mindset that for a lifetime has kept them trapped in a revolving door of mediocrity and failure. Our Subconscious Success Audio Programming  CDs frankly, are the best on the planet because of the powerful relevant messages of shift which speak to where people are in the 21st century; AND THEY ARE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in helping you create the mental mindset you must have to ACHIEVE YOUR AMBITIOUS IDEAS, GOALS, & DREAMS.

The Voices of Money!

The Most Powerful Law of Attraction CD ON EARTH!

Finally the complete NEW & Extended version of one of our most popular and requested CDs from The Ambitious Mind; The Voices of Money! In this CD along with the guided meditation/hypnosis selections, we introduce one of the most powerful mental practices to rise in the past few years, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. (ASMR) The power of this practice to shift your thinking is beyond amazing!


Simply download this CD and begin to work with it and you WILL NOTICE your creativity going through the roof, ideas finding their way to your MIND and MONEY COMING TO YOU NOW!

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Had no idea what I was getting into, when I downloaded 'Focus' but this stuff works.

- Marcus The Entrepreneur

The ambitious Entrepreneur mind 

Entrepreneurs are not born but made. The Entrepreneurial Mind is one that must be,

The ambitious business


Even the most successful business people, managers, and those with luxurious lifestyles, 

The ambitious Creative


This is how you Awaken The Creative Genius inside of You. It starts with knowing, 

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Mental toughness and focus are a must for any athlete wanting to have a competitive edge. To win the game,

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