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The Ambitious Mind Institute of Success.
Business /Personal Development Course.

Day: Saturday

weekly/90 minutes (8 :00 AM PST)

Location: Here at our Site

Type: Course

Date Starts: January 18, 2020

Investment: $95.00


2 Weeks

Registration ends December 28, 2019

Time is money. This expression comes from Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He wrote in a book in 1748: "Remember that time is money," (Remember that time is money).

"Time is money" means that in order to earn money, one must act and use one's time (which is not infinite) effectively and efficiently. In our modern world it seems that it has become much more difficult to do the above when we have more distractions available to us than ever before. If you are over 45 you know this already.  But in order to realize massive success, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE A PERSON WHOSE TIME IS FOCUSED!

In this course, you will discover the KEY (ULTIMATE) to being strategic with your time so you can take action on your plans, goals and dreams. You’ll finally understand WHY we procrastinate and better yet learn the tools to STOP DOING IT, SO THAT YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD AND GET THINGS DONE.  


The tools learned in this course will last you a lifetime and will ultimately make you one who knows how to plan strategically and execute masterfully and all in a timely manner.

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How do people who seem to have the most going on in life manage it and get so many things done, and others with less to do and the same time struggle? In this course you will learn the secret to getting things done strategically and how to take action quickly.

A Timely Course All Entrepreneurs Should Invest In.

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