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The Ambitious 



Entrepreneurs are not born but made. The Entrepreneurial Mind is one that must be cultivated within. You are not born with certain entrepreneurial qualities. In short, you just have to have a desire to do better in life and /or to live life on your own terms! Then you do those things that help you create the right mindset in order to create for yourself the ambitious vision you hold in MIND.

The Rising Entrepreneur


After working with many Entrepreneurs over the years, we have identified several areas most need help with. Below are three SUBCONSCIOUS SUCCESS AUDIO PROGRAMMING CDs that are powerful and have been  identified as "THE ONE" that created a total TURN AROUND in the thinking of those who have worked with them.

These powerful sessions have very carefully created and contain the most effective messages to destroy the chains of negative (holding) patterns held deep in the subconscious mind, that keep millions of people stuck in the revolving door of mediocrity. This is a easy choice; all anyone must do is simply look at the title and ask the honest questions. ARE YOU DISCIPLINED ENOUGH? HOW IS YOUR FOCUS GAME? ARE YOU TRULY OPERATING AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF YOUR POTENTIAL?

Release all hesitation and procrastination NOW. Simply choose the one the Entrepreneur in you needs the most and GET STARTED! Choose one two or accept our special offer for all three. You will notice a HUGE DIFFERENCE within days and you will be on your well to creating and LIVING the life you have always wanted and dreamed for yourself!

Israel "The Voice of Success"


It Works For Women Too!

“Hi. Just dropping a note to say that I love what you do although at first it seemed your site was geared towards men only? Which is probably why I ordered everything! Why do guys only get to have all the fun?  (Smile) Seriously, my favorite is DISCIPLINE. I can honestly say I have heard nothing like it and now after two weeks I have become a machine when it comes to discipline. I was really lacking in that area. So thank you Mr. Voice of Success.”

Amanda K.

Agoura Hills, CA.

I Am The Thinker That Thinks The Thought That Creates The Thing.


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