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Mental toughness and focus are a must for any athlete wanting to have a competitive edge. To win in sports or in the game of life you must FIRST condition YOUR MIND for winning. Subconscious Success Audio Program can help you achieve that mindset.

A Champion In Mind...First!


After working with many Athletes over the years, I have identified several areas of mind most need help with. Below are several SUBCONSCIOUS SUCCESS AUDIO PROGRAMMING CDs that are highly effective and have been identified as "THE ONE" that created a total TURN AROUND in the thinking and the game of the listener.

These powerful, carefully strategic audio programming formulas are designed to imprint a strong visual in your MIND of YOU AS THE WINNER in the game. These most effective messages help you crush negative (holding) patterns, overcome performance plateau (which create deep seated anxiety held in the subconscious mind) and helps the beginner, intermediate or seasoned player of any game excel fast! This is an easy choice; all you must do is simply look at the title and ask yourself the honest questions? Are you DISCIPLINED ENOUGH? HOW IS YOUR FOCUS GAME? DO YOU WANT TO BE A WINNER?

Release all hesitation and procrastination NOW. Simply choose the one the Athlete in you knows it needs the most and GET STARTED! Choose one, two or accept our special offer for all three. You will notice a HUGE DIFFERENCE within in a short time and you will be on your way to success!

Israel "The Voice of Success"


What Have You Been Doing!

“My tennis instructor asked me this after six months of my crappy performance. I pulled out my phone and turned YOU on. His reply after about 5 minutes of listening was, WHO is this and how can I get these for all my students! Thank you Israel, this thing you do is amazing! Great Voice too.”

Noah S.

Princeton, NJ.

I Am The Thinker That Thinks The Thought That Creates The Thing.


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